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Seamless steel pipe is an important new field
Seamless steel pipe is an important new field in modern steel pipe production, and it is one of the main development directions of the steel pipe industry today. Depending on the different degrees of the different processes used to eliminate the effect of welded pipe welds, this new type of steel pi
Welded pipe machinery’s deformation analysis
In actual production, after the expansion stage, the mold needs to stay in the original position for a period of time, that is, the pressure-holding and stable stage. After the pressure is maintained, the die begins to return to the initial position in the radial direction and returns to the collapsed state, and the diameter of the tube blank is slightly reduced.
Steel pipes: How to distinguish inferior steel pipes
Nowadays, the demand for spiral steel pipes is increasing. In order to win the initiative in the competition, many manufacturers produce and sell unqualified spiral steel pipes in quality. Here is how to distinguish spiral steel pipes,Prevent you from being deceived in the purchase.
Welded Steel Pipe's Development and Technology
With the development of China gas resources and the progress of foreign gas introduction, the amount of LSAW steel pipes as the main pipe for high-pressure gas transportation will increase significantly
Market analysis of ERW welded pipe
Market analysis of ERW casing1.1 Seller's Market of ERW Settlement1. l. I. Production status of ERW casing abroadThe production of foreign ERW casing is the same as its use, and it is roughly divided into three stages:The first stage is the start of production and testing of ERW casing.At the same t
Application of ERW welded pipe
Application of ERW welded pipe1.1 Application of foreign ERW casingThe United States was the first country to use ERW casing and the country that used it the most. The development process of ERW casing application can be roughly divided into three stages:The first stage is when ERW casing begins to
2 features of ERW erw welded pipe
1. 1 Technical advantages of ERW casing (compared to seamless casing) (1) High dimensional accuracyThe ERW casing adopts a mechanical sizing process after forming, so that the accuracy of its dimensions (outer diameter, wall thickness, roundness, etc.) is improved compared with that of the jointed c
What is the strength and strength ratio of steel pipes?
The strength of the steel pipe refers to the maximum ability to resist damage caused by external force or load. Whether it is a straight seam steel pipe or other steel pipes, the strength or strength value is the nature of the material itself. The strength ratio is a main indicator to measure the li
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