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90°SS Elbow (LR) 's introduction

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The 90 degree long radius elbow buried in the ground can occupy less land, is conducive to combat readiness, basically is not affected by climate and season and other external factors, the more important is to reduce the heat loss in hot oil transportation and prevent pipe and pipe stainless steel elbow heat deformation.  

In order to reduce heat loss and prevent thermal deformation of stainless steel elbow, the pipe shall be buried at a depth of more than 1.2 meters.  (from the top of the tube).  The depth of the buried area should be deepened appropriately.  At the same time, pipelines should be completely avoided laying below the water table.  For the high groundwater level or for other reasons it is difficult to dig deep section, should be as far as possible to take waterproof and heat insulation measures and then buried pipe, conditions do not have, can also be taken shallow dig deep buried, that is, pipe trench dug to 20 cm above the groundwater level, and then according to the provisions of the soil, the formation of soil embankment.  90 degree tube elbow manufacturers- GKSTEELPIPE

But this will be more difficult to maintenance after production, in order to prevent pipe and stainless steel elbow deformation, to ensure that the soil pressure, shallow excavation and deep buried section of the soil thickness should not be less than 1.5 meters.  

When the flow increases, the pressure generated by the pump is reduced, so the pressure of the pump will be lower than the pressure established by the original working unit, and the steepness of the curve of the stainless steel pipe fittings will also increase.  Pump and line characteristics are methods of combining characteristic curves, which are used in regulation.  Stainless steel elbow can be used to change the characteristics of the pipeline throttle method and reflux method.  

When throttling, the pressure behind the throttling component is limited by the pressure loss caused by the hydraulic resistance established by the throttling component in the liquid flow.  When the hydraulic resistance is changed, the loss is increased by throttling, and the loss is reduced by reducing the resistance.  Because the throttling resistance is located in the pipeline and stainless steel elbow and is always in the flow, there is always pressure loss on it, even when it is not necessary to limit the pressure.  

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