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Stainless steel flanges and forged flanges: different technical parameters

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How to distinguish between stainless steel flanges and forged flanges. Product pictures and technical parameters. Specific display TCS-A single-layer electronic platform scale: single-layer structure, integral panel; built-in junction box, beautiful and generous; U-shaped cold-formed steel group welding, strength of the scale body High; precision welding of flat or patterned steel plates; firm and durable structure, and the surface is treated with sandblasting and baking paint, which has strong corrosion resistance.

First: Product brief descriptionStainless steel flange manufacturers- GKSTEELPIPE

TCS-A type single-layer electronic platform scale adopts a newly designed steel structure carrier, equipped with four high-precision shear beam weighing sensors and intelligent weighing display instruments to form a weighing system. The system has high accuracy, rapid measurement, stable and reliable work, and is an ideal weighing instrument used in warehouses, workshops, freight yards, bazaars, construction sites and other places.

Second:  Product composition

TCS-A single-layer electronic platform scale

Third: Standard configuration: 

       1. High-strength overall weighing platform (optional 304 stainless steel structure)

2, high-precision cantilever beam type load cell

3, Kagawa XK3190 series intelligent AC and DC dual purpose

4, all stainless steel flange anti-surge junction box.

              1. Explosion-proof kit (EXIBIICT4/CT5, EXIAIICT6)

2, XK3190-A9P with printing instrument

3, large screen display (3 inches, 5 inches, 8 inches)

4, weighing management software

5, anti-surge power protector, UPS uninterruptible power supply

6, non-slip guide slope, easy to load up and down, can drive to the weighing platform in any direction

    Fourth: forged flange function characteristics:

AC and DC dual-purpose instrument, not affected by AC power failure

Zero setting, peeling, clearing, peeling, etc. functions

Keyboard setting and calibration

The division value is automatically switched: higher display accuracy? Self-diagnosis function: a variety of error information prompts and warnings

LED and LCD display modes are optional. Forged flange: Maximum weighing: 0.5 tons-10 tons Size: 0.6X0.8-2X3 Other special specifications can be customized, optional printer, large screen, software, computer double layer Structure, integral panel, built-in junction box, beautiful appearance; U-shaped cold-formed steel group welding, high strength of the scale body; frame-type structure is more reasonable and reliable; flat or pattern steel plate precision welding; structure is fastened and durable, and the surface is sandblasted Paint treatment, strong corrosion resistance;

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