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API5L X42 Spiral Steel Pipe
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API5L X42 Spiral Steel Pipe

1.Accurate size
2.Bear a large pressure
3.Flexible operation, easy to change the variety
4.Widely used in water, electricity and chemical industry
5.Because of continuous bending, the length to be arbitrarily set
6.Easy to change the size, suitable for small quantities
7.More varieties of the production spiral
8.The size of the spiral tube high precision, strength also strong

API5L X46 Spiral Steel tube manufacturers - GK

Spiral welding process is totally different with straight welding. A continuous full penetration metal inert gas weld overlay is used to rebuild or repair damage from wear, erosion, corrosion or cracking, or to enlarge the dimensions of a component on a mating part during spiral welding process. The series of API5L X42 Spiral Steel tube is used for oilfield and gas transmission.

Here, we discuss more about API 5L.

The exterior is treated with anticorrosion or black paint, and it is often used for spiral pipe of petroleum and natural gas pipelines. It is divided into PSL1 and PSL2. GK could offer twos.

API standard spiral steel pipe friction reduction and abrasion resistance are reflected by friction coefficient, abrasion and relative abrasion coefficient.

Spiral weld sizes are available upon request. You will find unique steel tube sizes which may not be made by other manufactures at GK Tubes because of GK professional technical team and strong technology power.

GK could offer following existing type and application of spiral steel tube for your choice.

API5L X42 Spiral Steel tube Used in gas  

 API5L X42 Spiral Steel tube Used in oil Line 

 API5L X46 Spiral Steel tube Used in gas 

 API5L X46 Spiral Steel tube Used in oil Line 

 API5L X52 Spiral Steel tube Used in gas

 API5L X52 Spiral Steel tube Used in oil Line 

SSAW Spiral Welded Steel Pipe stands for Spiral submerged arc welding. Its forward direction and forming pipe centerline hose reel molding angle which could be adjusted according to clients special requirements, side molding edge welding and weld them into a spiral line.

GK inspection steps of SSAW Spiral Welded Steel tube:

Raw material inspection---leveling inspection---butt welding inspection---forming inspection---internal welding inspection---external welding inspection---pipe cutting inspection---ultrasonic inspection---bevel inspection---external dimension inspection---X-ray inspection ---Hydraulic test---Final inspection

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