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BL Flange

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People often call BL flange as blind flange, blind disk or flange cover, which has no bore in the center, and mainly used to close the ends of piping systems, the same function as that of the head and cap, completely isolating the production medium to prevent the shut-off valve from being closed tightly, affecting production, and even causing accidents. 

The blind plate should be set at the place where isolation is required, such as at the equipment nozzle, before and after the shut-off valve, or between the two flanges. It is often recommended to use a 8-shaped blind plate;

But blind flange is a removable sealing component, not ready to be opened again. 

GK blind flanges are available in various sizes and materials, such as 4 blind flange, 6 blind flange, 8 blind flange, 12 blind flanges. These materials can be supplied, carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, copper, aluminum, PVC and PPR. 

There are many types of sealing surfaces, including flat surfaces, convex surfaces, concave-convex surfaces, tongue and groove surfaces, and ring connecting surfaces. 

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