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Can galvanized steel be painted

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galvanized steel

    After the steel pipe is galvanized, the surface is covered with a layer of zinc coating, which separates the steel pipe from the atmosphere, avoids direct contact and corrosion of the steel pipe by the atmosphere, and is protected. The zinc coating on the surface of the steel pipe, due to the relatively strong chemical activity of zinc, will form a thin and dense layer of zinc carbonate in the air at room temperature to protect the zinc itself from further oxidation.

    Therefore, the galvanized pipe, whether it is the surface zinc or the steel pipe itself, is protected, will not rust, and does not need to be painted with anti-rust paint. Only when the galvanized layer is destroyed (such as steel pipe welding, the coating at the joint is burnt), the steel pipe is exposed to the air and loses the protection of the galvanized layer, then the anti-rust paint needs to be repainted.

    The galvanized layer of galvanized steel pipe has anti-rust function, and the general installation method is threaded connection, usually no need to brush anti-rust paint, unless the unconventional process connection, such as welding, etc., needs to be damaged. Apply anti-rust paint to the part It depends on how your galvanizing method is. If only the solder joint is plated, then you have to paint all of it. If it is galvanized inside and outside, then you don’t need it.

    Regarding whether galvanized steel pipes will rust? I believe everyone is aware of this question. Galvanized steel pipes will also rust, but there are several factors that make galvanized steel pipes longer life than ordinary welded steel pipes. The use of galvanized steel pipes Field and galvanized layer are the main reasons for how long galvanized steel pipes can last.

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