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Can galvanized steel pipe rust

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1. No. On the one hand, because the galvanized square tube has a galvanized layer, it is superior to the ordinary welded square tube. It also has better strength, toughness, and other process properties. Its surface has gloss, making it more widely used. Applications include glass Curtain walls, power towers, wire casings, bridges, water and gas transmission, locomotive frames, etc. Generally speaking, the service life of galvanized square pipes depends on the application field

2. As for whether the hot-dip galvanized square pipe will rust, the editor will tell you that it will rust, even stainless steel will rust. It is just a matter of time, which is also related to the installation environment. Wet and rain for a long time, the galvanized square pipe will appear oxidation, spots, and will be corroded and rusted. If you want a longer service life, keep it dry and try to choose indoor construction as much as possible. The period is about 5-8 years or even longer (but not including some inferior products on the market).

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