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Classification of galvanized steel pipe

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Galvanized steel pipe is divided into cold galvanized pipe and hot galvanized pipe

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Galvanized steel:

Hot-dip galvanized steel pipe is a kind of aluminum alloy layer produced by the reflection of molten metal material and iron base material. Therefore, hot-dip galvanizing is to fuse the iron base material and the coating together.

Carry out pickling passivation on seamless steel pipes. In order to remove the compounds on the surface of seamless steel pipes, after pickling passivation, they are cleaned with ammonium chloride, zinc chloride solution or ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solution, and then sent to hot dip plating groove. Hot-dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong bonding, and long service life.

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Cold rolled hot galvanized steel pipe:

The hot-dip galvanized layer is an electroplating process layer, which is separated from the seamless steel pipe base material. The hot-dip galvanized layer is thin and easily adheres to the seamless steel pipe base material. It is easy to fall off, so the corrosion resistance is weak. It has been forbidden to use hot and cold galvanized steel pipes as water supply pipes in the construction of houses.

The pipe fitting company interview also said that under the strong control of just two days, the steel market, which had been steadily growing, experienced a surge. However, after in-depth analysis, it is not too difficult to find that this round of steel price increases lacks a continuous and strong support point.

The annual DP growth rate of hot-dip galvanized steel pipe plants is 5%~7%, the deficit rate is 3%, the intermediate infrastructure investment is 500 billion yuan, the railway line is 800 billion yuan, and the current policy for road project investment allocation is trillion yuan, and 20 items are important. 

The overall goals of the capital construction of super large water conservancy and hydropower projects will fall within this category, but generally speaking, the professional regulations on project investment are still very low, and this kind of countermeasures have not reached the estimated level.

Statistical analysis shows that this new environmental remediation plan has a variety of levels. It is not easy to avoid peak production for the plastic-coated composite steel pipe company specified by the low-nitrogen burner; There are some differentiated design options above.

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