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Corrosion performance of welded steel pipe

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Welded steel pipes refer to steel pipes with seams on the surface that are welded by steel strips or steel plates that are bent into round or square shapes. The blanks used for welded steel pipes are steel plates or strip steels.

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T-welded steel pipes have strong corrosion resistance in acidic environments when they contain Ni. In environments containing sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid, the higher the Ni content in T-welded steel pipes, the stronger the corrosion resistance.

Under normal circumstances, only adding Cr to T-welded steel pipes can prevent corrosion. The poor condition of the edge of the steel strip is another important reason for the wrong edge.

The influence of changes in mass flow, heat flow density and structural parameters (the ratio of spiral curvature diameter to T-welded steel pipe diameter Dc/D) on the heat transfer coefficient of saturated bubbly boiling in a vertical spiral tube.

In the production of T-welded steel pipes, the wrong side occurs from time to time, and there are many influencing factors. In production practice, steel pipes are often degraded due to dry misalignment and excessive tolerance. Therefore, it is necessary to analyze the causes of wrong edges of spiral steel pipes and preventive measures.

Due to the poor shape and dimensional accuracy of the head and tail of the untrimmed steel strip, it is easy to cause the steel strip to bend hard and cause misalignment during butt joints.

Simulation parameter range

Vertical pipe: pipe diameter D=10mm, pipe length L=660mm;

Three types of vertical T-welded steel pipes: pipe diameter D=10mm, changes in the ratio of T-welded steel pipe curvature diameter to spiral pipe diameter are Dc/D=15, 20, 25, spiral pitch Pt=20mm, and pipe lengths are respectively L=503mm, L=660mm, L=817MM.

Mass flow G=200~400Kg/(m'2·s), heat flux q=5~15KW/m'2, saturation pressure p, saturation=0.414880MPa, saturation temperature T, saturation=283.15K.

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