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Elbow pipe of the correct installation specifications

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At this stage, in many industries, it is applied to bending pipes. Therefore, in addition to the use of steel elbow pipes to produce raw materials with different diameters in water pipes, pipes of different diameters of specifications and models can also be manufactured according to the forming process of thick steel plates. Among them, the pipe bending production equipment belongs to the pipe fitting production processing and production processing technology industry. The pipe bending production equipment includes the frame and the pipe bending equipment installed on the frame, and the pipe bending equipment includes the ring abrasive module and the clamping device. Module, the ring-shaped abrasive tool module contains bent abrasive tools.

  The bent abrasive tool is provided with a mounting recess, and a fixed clamping insert is installed. The clamping module includes a fixed clamping insert, the clamping insert and the contour Clamping inserts, the annular abrasive module is set to improve and reduce the improved organization of the clamping inserts, including the improved organization for improving the gripper jaws, and the design concept for the left and right structures can be handled reasonably In the current technology, it is difficult to bend the two arc structures of the receiving section on the finished rolled pipe in many ways, and can ensure the clamping and firmness of the finished rolled pipe. Therefore, the products can be widely used in the production process of the bent pipe. Central air-conditioning, airlines, ships and other industries.

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  The new type of bending pipe production equipment can be used for pipe straightening or bending production processing to transform into different bending pipe production processing, thereby improving the high efficiency of bending pipe production processing. When the bending pipe production equipment structure is bending the pipe , The top cylinder moves the driver core radially close to the direction of the pipe, so that the journal rod is inseparably bent at a part of the pipe bending, and then releases the force to the pipe prefabricated member at a flat part, which can reduce the formation of bending The deformation of the pipe makes it difficult to block the liquid activity in the pipe.

  In the production and processing of bent pipes, the new machinery and equipment reduce the hazards of bending to the characteristics of the pipe, and the limited equipment can be more labor-saving in the application. The supporting point equipment can reduce noise, and the deformation is reduced or swelled. In the whole process, there will be many different problems.

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