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Elbow pipe 's production process and installation precautions

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In the process of production, elbow can be effectively divided into long radius thick wall elbow and short radius thick wall elbow. A long radius thick wall elbow has a radius of curvature equal to 1.5 times the outer diameter of the pipe, i.e., R=1.5D.  A short radius thick wall elbow has a radius of curvature equal to the outside diameter of the pipe, i.e. R= 1.0d.  

The accuracy of the elbow is also one of the factors that affect the quality of the elbow.  When we manufacture benders, in addition to the specification and size requirements to control within a certain tolerance range, users are also required to select the corresponding benders according to the diameter of the benders.  The bendability of the pipe itself and the corrosion of the surface may also affect the quality of the elbow.  In field construction, the operator also needs to understand the material of the pipeline to be processed, the machinability and make a production judgment on the surface corrosion.  

The elbow of the elbow pipe is a pipe fitting used at the bend of the pipe. In use, it accounts for the largest proportion of all the pipe fittings used by the pipe system, about 80%.  Usually, different forming processes are selected for elbows of different materials or wall thickness.  At present, manufacturers commonly used seamless elbow forming processes are hot push, stamping, extrusion and so on.  elbow pipe fitting suppliers - GKSTEELPIPE

Precautions for stainless steel elbow installation  

1. When installing, the stainless steel elbow can be directly installed on the pipe according to the connection mode and installed in accordance with the position used.  In general, it can be installed at any position of the pipeline, but it needs to be sealed to prevent leakage phenomenon and affect the normal operation of the pipeline.  

2. stainless steel elbow ball valve, globe valve, gate valve use, only for full open or full closed, do not allow to do flow regulation, so as not to seal.  

Three, long-term storage of stainless steel elbow, should be checked on schedule, often to the exposed processing surface must keep clean, remove dirt, neatly stored in a dry indoor ventilation place, is strictly prohibited heap or open storage.  Always keep stainless steel elbow dry and drafty, retainer clean and tidy, and store in accordance with accurate storage methods.  

Alloy elbows are used to connect two pipes of the same nominal size to make turns of 90° or other angles.  It is made of a variety of materials, alloy elbow is very versatile.  

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