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Elbow tube of the productive process

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In order to get better surface quality in the production of elbow in the traditional process, many ways will be taken in the process of use to effectively improve the quality of its products, elbow in the process of production can be directly used in its high strength mold, or directly use its lubrication products.  

Now the use of stainless steel elbow in the continuous expansion, the product in the process of use will directly produce its good performance operation, the product in the process of use if the use of the pickling solution for cleaning, because the pickling solution is corrosive, if accidentally there is skin contact, need to immediately use the flow of water to wash.  stainless street elbow suppliers-GKSTEELPIPE

Stainless steel elbow processing in the process of its excess waste liquid needs to be immediately treated, and then in the appropriate discharge, acid wash solution in the process of storage need to be placed in a cool and ventilated place, the whole product is only suitable for industrial use, products with a brush and cloth dipped in acid wash solution, and then try to rub on the surface to be treated.   

Stainless steel elbow in the process of use is only suitable for its industrial use, with a brush to take out the pickling solution, used to wipe the weld bead and the surface of the need to be treated, in the trial of 20 minutes after the brush, the oxide scale of the product and low temperature can be appropriate to extend the time of its treatment.  

Stainless steel elbow in the process of use caused by the product point or transverse cracking phenomenon, mainly caused by the presence of inclusion in the matrix of the material, so the product in the process of production can effectively improve the purity of the material.  

This can effectively reduce the content of inclusion in the stainless steel elbow material matrix, product in the process of processing can improve the product design composition and hot and cold rolling annealing process, so that the content of ferrite in the product material matrix can be effectively reduced.  

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