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Elbows are widely used

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  Why elbows are commonly used

  At the current stage of the production and processing of elbows, when the heating of the elbow seamless steel pipe is stopped, the defects formed by the cracks of the elbow will exceed a certain degree of deformation temperature, and when a certain degree of deformation occurs, cracks will occur on both sides of the elbow. These two situations are related to the original material elbow. Under the forming benchmark of low deformation rate and high compressive strength, the elbow consumer equipment breaks on both sides of the elbow under this benchmark.reducing elbow pipe- GKSTEELPIPE

  Regarding the pipeline production processing equipment, the control elbow production equipment, including the structure of the elbow production equipment set on the NC lathe and the channel equipment set on the NC lathe, the organization of the elbow production equipment includes the design The rotary connection set on the NC lathe is set to an elbow structure, which is used to hold the contact group of the pipe, and is set to an elbow structure. The elbow cylinder AC servo motor is set on the NC lathe to drive the elbow structure The rotation of the elbow structure and the rotation of the elbow structure set blocks on both sides of the opposite path, and set the stamping equipment on the NC lathe, which can achieve stronger applications.

  Bending equipment used in the past, the original material bending machinery and equipment technical industry, the basic principle of the use of rolling bearing organization and auxiliary mold organization demountable buckle structure, the general attack organization and the main organization, adhere to the buckle structure based on the axle pin organization It is easy to disassemble and assemble, which is conducive to the installation and disassembly of the original materials. It insists on the rapid conversion of the fixed and restrained indoor space of the original materials, and organizes the organization and auxiliary abrasive tools according to the bending perspective of the master model. Further rotate the general attack organization under external force.

Today’s controlled manual pipe bending production equipment, in which the clamping table is welded to the operation table, the slot turntable draw is based on the pin rod installed in the management center of the operation table, the nominal diameter edge is the groove turntable draw and the clamping table is fixed. For dynamic clamping, the elbow rotating rod is installed on the management center axis of the movable pulley plate according to the rotating rod, the bevel frame is placed on the working table, the rotating rod is connected with the elbow rotating rod bolt, and the shift lever is installed on the elbow.

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