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Fire-proof cooling method of seamless steel pipe

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The purchase of seamless steel pipes requires the purchase of good quality, so that the money spent is worth the money. If you purchase poor quality steel pipes at a high price, not only the cost will increase, but the construction quality will be affected, so you must learn to judge the quality of seamless steel pipes. Good or bad, the following will tell you how to judge the quality of seamless steel pipes. We can analyze it from multiple angles. I hope you will understand the following points

Judging by the surface of the seamless steel pipe: If the surface of the product has scratches, cracks or scars, or the appearance does not look lubricated, then such a product can be judged by the naked eye that it should not be a good product. It is judged by inspecting the cross-section of the seamless steel pipe: the cross-section of the high-quality steel pipe will be more uniform, and if it is a product consumed by inferior materials, the cross-section will be uneven.

Judge by acoustic wave detection: Acoustic wave detection can judge whether there are obvious fractures or cracks inside the steel pipe, and measure the size of seamless steel pipe: stop measuring the product to see if it is consistent with the marked size, if the actual size is marked with it If the size does not match, then this product will not meet the request. In addition, it is to check whether the product has a proper factory certificate. Inferior products from inferior small workshops do not have a consumer certificate.

There are three fire-proof cooling methods for seamless steel pipes. Water filling: water flushing inside the hollow seamless steel pipe is an effective measure for fire-prevention and cooling. The water can circulate in the seamless steel pipe to absorb heat, or cold water can be introduced from the pipe to keep the steel pipe at a relatively high temperature. Low temperature, outer cover: add a layer of outer cover to the seamless steel pipe, which can be sprayed or cast-in-place, so as to prevent fire and cool down. The seamless steel pipe is placed in a wall or ceiling made of refractory materials. , It is a very economical method to achieve fire prevention effect through refractory materials.

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