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Flange is the connecting part between shaft and shaft

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Flange is a part that connects between shaft and shaft. It is mainly used for the connection between pipe ends. Therefore, it is still used a lot in daily machinery and equipment, but because of the different graphics of each pipe end, Therefore, when selecting single-head bolts, there must be a certain basis. Next, the editor will show you how to choose single-head bolts based on flanges.

Because single-head bolts for flanges usually use hexagonal head bolts and nuts for flanges, they usually use hexagonal shapes, which are divided into two types: single chamfer and double chamfer. A detailed analysis is as follows: Bolts are divided into single-head bolts and double-head bolts according to their appearance. Single-head bolts are threaded only on one end of the screw, and the other end is the screw head connected to the screw body.flange plate suppliers-GKSTEELPIPE

Single head bolts for flanges usually use hexagon head bolts. Both ends of the stud bolt are threaded, and the shape is cylindrical. When the tightening force is large, the single-head bolt is easy to break at the joint between the screw rod and the screw head, so it cannot be used on the medium and high pressure flanges. Stud bolts can not only be used on medium and high pressure flanges, but also facilitate tightening from both sides.

Bolts are divided into coarse bolts, semi-refined bolts and refined bolts according to the manufacturing method. Except for the threaded part, the surface of the rough bolts is not finished with finishing. It is the rough shape of the blank. The bolts are mostly made of plain carbon steel, and the tightening force it accepts is not high. Semi-refined and refined bolts need to stop processing, and some need to stop heat treatment. They are mostly used in the manufacture of high-quality carbon steel or alloy steel, so their tightening force is large.

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