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Flange maintenance methods

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If you do not pay attention to the cleaning of the flange in the normal operation process, you will certainly encounter a lot of trouble in the operation, and you do not know why.  In short, I want everyone to clean the flange when they use it.  Without advanced die, it is impossible to achieve advanced stamping process.  

As for the maximum allowable working pressure of the flange, it depends on the working temperature of the flange and its material.  After all, can you focus on cost effective materials and safety products?  In fact, direct online shopping is a good option, it has a wide range of options, not only grasp but also very brief.  The sealing surface of the flange should be lubricated and cleaned, and the installation flange should be carefully cleaned to remove rust and oil.  This time according to the requirements of welding materials and welding structure to choose the appropriate welding things.  If you do not have special requirements, you can use a soldering iron.  Because the thermal conductivity of stainless steel is lower than that of copper or aluminum, it is not important.  If you are a little older, the past will use welding wire welding and stainless steel electric welding video.  ball and socket exhaust flange stock- GKSTEELPIPE

If the strength of the welded structure is required, the flame heating method can be used.  Heat things with a special perforated spray gun.  Thermal coupling analysis will consider the temperature distribution and heat transfer of steel deformation.  In the molding process, plastic processing and conflicting contact interface should be considered together, and then the precision of welding flange should be advanced.  In the pressure elbow of the pipeline system of chemical raw materials, in addition to the high pressure pipeline, it also has excellent corrosion function and acid-base function.  Through the casting method, the core is not easy to make.  

Leakage of flanges :

The application of flanges is very common, but the leakage problem of flanges also often occurs. How to control the leakage of flanges is a headache for many manufacturers.  Flange consumer pump and valve, in connection with the pipeline, the parts of these equipment, also made into the corresponding flange shape, also known as flange connection.  Flat welded flanges are divided into two kinds: plate type flat welded steel pipe flanges and neck flat welded steel pipe flanges.  In fact, only need to carefully analyze the cause of flange leakage, can do zero leakage skills, here to share with us.  

Deflection, refers to the pipe and or flange is not straight, different heart, flange surface is not parallel.  Flange leakage occurs when the pressure of the internal medium (the determining material) exceeds the load pressure of the gasket.  This kind of situation is mainly formed in the process of equipment construction or maintenance, and is easier to be found.  This kind of accident can be avoided only by careful inspection when the project is completed.  

Stuck, refers to the pipe and flange are straight, but the two flanges have different centers.  With different flange centers, the bolts around the flange (composition: head and screw) can not be comfortably pierced into the bolt holes.  In the absence of other methods, as long as reaming or using a smaller bolt through the bolt hole, and this method will reduce the tension of the two flanges.  Moreover, the sealing surface of the sealing surface line also plays a tendency, which is very easy to leak.  

Open mouth, refers to the flange gap is too large.  When the gap of the flange is too large and constitutes external load, such as axial or folding load, the gasket will be impacted or vibrated, lose the compression force, and then gradually lose the sealing kinetic energy and cause failure.  Stag-hole means that the pipe and flange are concentric, but the interval between the bolt holes relative to the two flanges tends to be large.  Bolts produce stress, the force will not eliminate, will form a shear force on the bolt, a long time will cut the bolt (cut;  Cut off), fail.  

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