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Flange performance characteristics

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 There are several flange performance characteristics:  

1, a remote control of automatic butterfly valve, at the same time with the characteristics of flanged butterfly valve, can be matched with a wide diameter butterfly valve;  

2. Power supply is the driving energy of butterfly valve, wide power source, wide application range, saving human resources and working efficiency;  

3, easy to operate, easy to meet a variety of control requirements, the selection of different actuators can be realized, signal feedback, flow regulation, explosion-proof and other functions;  

4, can realize the miniaturization, can realize mechanical self-locking, can change different sealing rings, to meet different working conditions.  

Working principle of flange:  best Stainless steel flange- GKSTEELPIPE

Using the actuator input 0-10 mA standard signal, the generator set drives the gear turbine worm Angle moment to drive the disc rotation.  When the valve is in the fully open position, the thickness of the butterfly plate is the resistance of the medium flowing through the valve body, so the pressure drop generated by the valve is very small, so it has better flow control characteristics.  

Butterfly valve has two sealing types: elastic seal and metal seal.  Elastic sealing valve, the sealing ring can be embedded in the valve body or attached to the butterfly plate around the valve, the valve with metal seal is generally longer than the valve with elastic seal, but it is difficult to be completely sealed.  Metal seal can adapt to higher working temperature, elastic seal has the defect of temperature limitation, if the demand flanged butterfly valve is used as flow control, the main thing is to choose the correct size and type of valve.  

1. It is strictly prohibited to disassemble and disassemble the expansion flange at the pipeline construction site;  It is strictly prohibited to stretch, press, shorten and expand at random.  

2. The pipe at both ends of the telescopic valve shall be concentric, and the two flange surfaces of the pipe shall be parallel;  

3. The flange fixing bolts should be fastened symmetrically, and do not force the flange fixing bolts on one side;  

4. Telescopic pipe is installed behind the valve;  

5. The telescopic part of the telescopic valve shall not be installed at the corner or the end of the pipeline.  

6. The telescopic flange must be laid flat before installation, and do not knock against it at will;  

7, expansion flange factory length of the structure is small length, installation, pull to the installation length (that is, the design length);  

8. When the length between pipes exceeds the length of telescopic installation, please adjust the pipe interval, and do not force the telescopic valve to avoid damaging the telescopic valve;  

9, expansion flange can be installed in any position, for temperature compensation, after the completion of the installation of the pipeline, it is necessary to add a bracket along the axis of the pipeline, to prevent the telescopic valve telescopic pipe to pull out, the supporting force of the bracket is calculated according to the following formula, the operation is strictly prohibited to remove the bracket;  

10, expansion flange does not do temperature compensation at the same time, only to do the installation of transformation, maintenance of the valve for convenient use, available through the bolt limit, symmetrical clamping expansion flange to prevent the expansion pipe pulled out, damage to the expansion and pipeline device or building.  The diameter of the bolt can be calculated according to the diameter of the flange bolt, the strength of the bolt, the test pressure and the tension of the pipe can be calculated according to the above formula. The bolt at the time limit of operation is strictly prohibited to be removed (the bolt is equipped separately).  

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