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Flanges knowledge: advantages of using fit

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Large flanges will produce different use values in the process of use, and have different types of functions and uses. The material of the large flange is different, the production and processing technology is also different, so when using and processing the large flange, pay special attention to the method, and use it in accordance with certain procedures and methods.

Large flanges Commonly used integral large flanges include flat welding large flanges and butt welding large flanges. The rigidity of flat-welded large flanges is poor, and the scope of application is where the pressure p≤4MPa; butt-welded large flanges are also called high-neck large flanges, which have greater rigidity and are suitable for applications with higher pressure and temperature. There are three types of large flange sealing surface: flat sealing surface, suitable for occasions with low pressure and non-toxic media; concave-convex sealing surface, suitable for occasions with slightly higher pressure; tongue and groove sealing surface, suitable for flammable and easy Explosion, toxic media and high pressure occasions. Large flange pipe fittings of different properties have good product performance in different fields, and their effects will be different due to different applications and spaces.Weld neck flange price- GKSTEELPIPE

The gasket of the large flange is a circular ring made of a material that can produce plastic deformation and has a certain strength. Most of the gaskets are cut from non-metallic plates or made by professional factories according to the specified size. The materials are asbestos rubber plates, asbestos plates, polyethylene plates, etc.; thin metal plates (white iron, stainless steel) are also used to remove asbestos A metal-wrapped gasket made of non-metallic materials; there is also a spiral wound gasket made of thin steel tape and asbestos tape.

 Large flanges are used in high-pressure equipment and pipelines with lens-shaped or other shaped metal gaskets made of copper, aluminum, No. 10 steel, and stainless steel. The contact width between the high pressure gasket of the large flange and the sealing surface is very narrow (line contact), and the processing finish of the sealing surface and the gasket is relatively high.

 Large flange connections are mainly used for the connection of cast iron pipes, rubber-lined pipes, non-ferrous metal pipes and large flange valves. The connection of process equipment and large flanges also uses large flange connections. The main characteristics of large flange connection are easy disassembly, high strength, and good sealing performance. When installing a large flange, the two large flanges are required to be parallel, and the sealing surface of the large flange must not be damaged and cleaned. Gaskets used for large flanges should be selected according to design regulations.

 Large flange connection is an important connection method for pipeline construction. Large flanges are divided into threaded connection (wire connection) large flanges and welding large flanges. Low pressure small diameter wire connection large flanges, high pressure and low pressure large diameters are welded large flanges, the thickness of large flanges with different pressures and the diameter and number of connecting bolts are different, according to different levels of pressure, large methods There are also different materials for blue mats, from low-pressure asbestos mats, high-pressure asbestos mats to metal mats.

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