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Galvanized Round Tubing
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Galvanized Round Tubing

1.No burrs
2.Smooth inner and outer walls
3.Firm galvanized layer
4.Uniform thickness
5.Excellent anti-rust and anti-corrosion performance
6.Connected in a slot type to save construction time
7.Mainly used in electric power, fire fighting and other projects

best galvanized round tubing suppliers

Galvanized round tubing is simply iron or steel pipe that has been coated with zinc for protection from corrosion and rust. GK galvanized pipe is a welded steel pipe with hot-dip coating on its surface, galvanized steel round tubing corrodes much slower, extending the life of tube.

Besides above advantage, galvanized round tubing also has these characteristics: 

  • Lower cost than stainless steel

  • Lowest long-term cost due to zinc coating

  • Reliable good performance

  • Excellent resistance to the damage because of good strength

In order to better meet your needs, we offer an extensive inventory of galvanized steel tubing in a variety of sizes, including hard-to-find and specialty sizes. We know that it can be a challenge to find the right size for your unique specifications, and we want to find the perfect galvanized steel round tubing for your application, no matter the size.

GK could offer below diameters of galvanized round pipe. 

40mm galvanized steel pipe

42mm galvanized steel tube

48mm galvanized steel tube

60mm galvanized tube

100mm galvanized pipe

200mm galvanized steel tube

GK well knows you may not find the right size for your unique specifications. Do not worry, we have excellent team who can try their best to help you. 

File Contain

1. Composition and Mechanical properties of commonly used carbon steel alloy steel.

2. Seemless steel pipe, welded pipe, etc.

3. A series international universal series, domestic series.

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