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Galvanized seamless steel pipe sales market is still hesitant

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The galvanized seamless steel pipe sales market still has a deep hesitation. Pipe fitting factories are suffering from upstream and downstream harm, and price adjustments are still cautious. However, the inventory released by delivery is still under great pressure, and the overall operation is still weakening. At the sales market level, the weak transaction volume has depressed the actual operation of trading companies, and the selection of welded pipe prices is stable. The continuous disadvantages of the upstream and downstream sales markets have made trading companies more cautious in actual operations. 

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The overall local supply is not large, or it has a certain support point for the sales market. However, with regard to the current status of the industry, trading companies have a relatively negative attitude and are widely disregarding the future. In general, if there is no significant adjustment in raw materials, the price of welded pipes in Taiyuan may continue to operate stably in a short period of time. According to the sales market, the price of hot-dip galvanized square tube futures has gradually risen after the opening of the low-end hot-dip galvanized square tube futures trading today, but the good times are not so frequent. The company is relatively negative about market trends. In addition, the overall transaction volume of the sales market today is still unsatisfactory, and the recent delivery of resources has led to an increase in the supply of the local sales market. With the short-term requirements of the sales market that cannot be repaired, the mid-to-late price may be slightly lower. Dark decline, it is estimated that in the short term, the price of Shanghai profiles will decline slightly.

The growth rate of core major cities has only been maintained for three days. It has not spread out to China's large sales market in an all-round way and announced the suspension at the opening today. The market for galvanized seamless pipes has generally entered a trend of adjustment. The price of some resources in Beijing fell by 10-30 yuan, the overall sales market in Tianjin fell by 10-20 yuan, and the Shanghai market continued to maintain a weak and stable trend. 

Stores in other regions of China remain hesitant, and prices are mostly dominated by stability, and some major cities have fallen. Market conditions that lack a required support point still cannot give everyone a surprise in the beginning of the off-peak season. The editor used to negatively indicate to a friend that this wave of small declines will remain at most around June, but it is even more tragic to not know the specific situation. In the afternoon, the shopkeeper said that the price cuts they were playing were normal in married life, and the price hikes were the splendor of the festival. Sometimes it was able to adjust the price but it was hard to bear the home-cooked meal. In the first half of the year, the requirements for the construction of various basic projects and new projects along the road approved by the government departments in the first half of the year are still some time away. The home building materials market in June will still show the situation in May. Not long ago, upstream and downstream raw materials returned to fluctuating sideways arrangement.

The supply of resources in the seamless steel pipe sales market is relatively stable. The inventory of Tangshan steel billet fell by 95,000 tons in 60.6 weeks; the inventory continued to drop significantly, reflecting the fact that the stores are not focusing on the sales market and the initiative to suppress goods is low, the spot trading market has poor requirements and a wide range of stores Indicates that there is work pressure on delivery. The sales market this week, the cold-rolled sales market is popular and stable. From the perspective of the main performance of the sales market, East China and Northeast China have a stable tone. The overall main performance is relatively quiet, and the transaction volume is relatively average. 

Only in the situation of Friday snails falling sharply in South China, the resources of Lecong Liugang are small. Decrease by ten yuan, others are stable, the bottom trading volume is okay; the prices in the three northeastern provinces have not been adjusted, the sales market delivery status is not good, the daily transaction volume of small units is only tens of tons, and the status of large growers is slightly better, but It is also worrying. Not long ago, various core steel mills successively promulgated new policies for May, all of which were dominated by declines. Although the decline was postponed to a certain level, it also weakened the mid- and late-stage cost support points, thereby depressing market prices. The rebound trend.

My country is still a very critical project investment destination in the world, and the economic environment is still mutual favored by multinational companies. It is normal for foreign investment to be slightly reduced in March, due to the increase in the quota for specific applications of foreign companies from January to February It was too high, and it was affected by the quantity that caused the relative decrease in March, and it did not harm the continued growth of foreign investment in my country. On the other hand, my country has implemented stable growth and adjustment structure since the beginning of last year. In addition, the withdrawal of QE in the United Kingdom has also had an effect on the discharge of some capital outflows, or has a certain degree of harm to its year-on-year reduction. 

The price of plate in key major cities in China has risen and fallen. In addition, the stock of seamless steel pipes for social development continues to decline again, and the stock for social development has decreased slightly. Crude steel production in China has also decreased, and the internal inventory of steel mills has also decreased to a certain extent. There are a lot of active data signals in the near future. The editor predicts that the recent plate market trend may not be easy to greatly improve, and it is a high probability event to go sideways again. The International Iron and Steel Association announced in New York on the 9th that it is estimated that China’s steel requirements in 2017 will reach more than 721 million tons, a year-on-year growth rate of 3.0%, but compared with the 2014 annual growth rate of 6.1%, the growth rate has slowed down significantly.

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