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Hollow square pipe will continue to adjust the market

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Today, the domestic square pipe  factory is still operating smoothly, and the market transaction situation has not improved significantly. It is understood that the domestic steel-making pig iron market has been halted or even shut down due to excessive pressure from individual iron plants. The foundry pig iron market is generally lightly traded, and the market is mostly wait-and-see. Individual iron foundries have shifted more energy to steelmaking pig iron due to the pressure of shipments. Although the price of steelmaking pig iron is low and profits are thin, at least there is no worries about shipping, and the iron plants can still maintain normal production and operations. In summary, the raw material market quotations are firm, which will support the price of pig iron to a certain extent. It is expected that the domestic pig iron market will continue to operate stably in the future. hollow square metal tubing suppliers - GKSTEELPIPE

Today, the domestic scrap steel market has loosened, and transactions have been sluggish. It is reported that it is about to start, and many steel mills have restricted or stopped production due to environmental protection considerations in the surrounding areas of Beijing. At the same time, the phenomenon of electricity curtailment in factories has increased during the summer. Most steel mills choose to start work at night. Electricity costs are reduced but labor costs are increased. Cost control is still the top priority. Therefore, they have reservations about the purchase of high-priced scrap steel; and the other part of the steel The production volume of the factory is reduced, and the purchase volume of scrap steel is reduced. It is expected that the operation of the scrap steel market may continue to be in a downturn in the near future. Coking enterprises in most regions are still on the sidelines.

 Due to the low prices of steel mills, the supply of coking enterprises has been slightly slow. Therefore, coking enterprises continue to negotiate with steel mills. The overall poor performance of downstream steel mills will reduce the purchase of coke, while the overall galvanized rectangular tube plant will remain relatively high. The reduction of silico-manganese mining in northern steel mills this month has further increased the situation of domestic silico-manganese oversupply, which has made the northern price competition more intense, resulting in a sharp decline in the price of steel mills this month. Although the South has not had a significant influence, the purchase of silicomanganese is not too strong. It is expected that the domestic silicomanganese market will continue its weak operation in the near future.

The domestic coke market as a whole remains weak and stable. Although prices have been operating steadily recently, the overall market transaction is not good, and the pessimistic atmosphere is still strong. It is understood that most steel companies are currently waiting and watching, purchasing more cautiously, and inventory levels have basically remained stable. The coke inventory of the coking enterprises in individual areas is low, and the coke inventory of the enterprises is less than 10,000 tons, and the shipment is relatively normal. Judging from the current situation, the price of raw material iron ore still has room to go down, steel mills still maintain a high operating rate, downstream demand such as real estate is still sluggish, and galvanized square tube mills have a strong wait-and-see mood. Based on comprehensive considerations, it is expected that the domestic coke market will not be optimistic in the short-term, with prices mainly consolidating. Today, the downstream finished material market continues to decline, with mixed transactions. 

Specifically: in the morning, the price of small narrow strip steel in Tangshan moved closer to a low level. The overall transaction was acceptable, and some of the daily output was cleared; the decline in profile prices remained unchanged, and the mainstream fell by 20 yuan. After the decline, the transaction improved slightly, but the overall transaction was still weak. ; Building materials continued to drop by 10-20 yuan, showing mediocre performance. Affected by the improvement of some low-level transactions in finished products, today's direct sales transactions were acceptable. Affected by this, the price of Tangshan billet stopped falling and stabilized in the afternoon. It is understood that Hebei Province has introduced specific measures regarding the production restriction incident in the surrounding areas of Beijing in September. In the document, the iron and steel joint production enterprises in Tangshan area were required to suspend or restrict production, mostly sintering machines, and basically did not involve blast furnaces and other equipment. , The maintenance time on environmental protection this time still did not meet market expectations, or even lower than expected. In the absence of significant market demand at present, the galvanized square tube factory will continue to adjust the market with a slight fluctuation in the short term.

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