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How to carry out daily maintenance and maintenance of square tubes

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For square tubes, everyone is familiar. In our lives, we can see them in many places, especially in industry and construction. However, some square tubes have a short service life. In fact, this It is inseparable from the daily maintenance and maintenance. In order to extend the service life of the square tube, we must learn the daily maintenance and maintenance of the square tube.


1. Cleaning and polishing: If the square tube of the welded pipe is damaged, it should be polished, especially the scratches and splashes caused by contact with carbon steel parts, and the damage caused by cutting slag must be thoroughly cleaned and polished.Square-Steel-Pipes-Manufacturers


2. Mechanical polishing: Use appropriate polishing tools for polishing, requiring uniform treatment, and avoid over-polishing and re-scratching.


3. Degreasing and dust removal: Before pickling and passivation of the welded pipe square pipe, the oil, oxide scale, dust and other debris must be removed according to the welded pipe square pipe process.


4. Water blasting treatment: According to different treatment requirements, choose different micro glass beads, different process parameters, and avoid overspray.


5. Pickling passivation: The pickling passivation of the welded pipe square tube must be passivated in strict accordance with the process requirements.


6. Washing and drying: After pickling passivation, neutralization, washing and drying should be carried out strictly according to the process to thoroughly remove the residual acid.


7. Protection: After the surface treatment of the square pipe of the welded pipe, protection should be done to avoid the secondary pollution of personnel touching and oil, dust and other sundries.

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