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How to distinguish between straight seam steel pipe and seamless steel pipe correctly

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    Now all walks of life are really very competitive. No matter what industry has competition, the straight seam steel pipe industry is no exception. In order to increase profits, many manufacturers will stop using straight seam steel pipes as seamless steel pipes. It is undesirable, we will introduce it in detail below. Straight seam steel pipes are all submerged arc welding or resistance welding.

    This kind of straight seam steel pipe is just a weld seam. These merchants use a polishing machine to stop the polishing of the weld seam. After variable grinding and polishing, the weld seam will be worn away. The overall appearance of the lubrication is seamless steel pipe, not professional. People basically can't see this kind of trickery, and the device has no way to detect whether it is a straight seam steel pipe or a seamless steel pipe.

    As long as the expert's talents can be seen, some projects require a layer of anti-rust paint to be painted on the surface, which makes it more difficult to distinguish, which makes many buyers very worried. So how to distinguish between straight seam steel pipe and seamless steel pipe? Seamless steel tubes are made directly in steel mills. Straight seam steel tube manufacturers are basically not available for consumption. Generally speaking, they are outsourcing. When we purchase, we try to let the supplier provide the steel pipe guarantee and certificate. What's more, even if they do well, there are traces.

    The width of the welds of ordinary straight seam steel pipes is about two centimeters. After purchasing seamless steel pipes, if we see traces of about two centimeters on the entire steel pipe, we can cut them to verify whether there is a problem. Seamless steel pipe brushes With anti-rust paint, we can use a simple and rough method to stop the verification, that is, directly cut the steel tube in the middle of the test, the seamless steel tube is not butted, and the straight seam steel tube is a sheet of material and stops after being folded in half. Welded, there are joints.

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