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How to make elbow pipe

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    I believe everyone is very familiar with this common pipe fitting. With the gradual improvement and construction of pipeline facilities, elbows, as one of the pipe fittings, have frequently appeared in people's vision and have been used in fields such as oil transportation, natural gas transportation, liquid transportation, and engineering bridge construction. Today we will introduce this kind of pipe fitting equipment that we often see. Then I believe everyone is very curious about how the elbow is produced. After all, it is a very magical thing to produce a elbow, so let us take a look at how the elbow is produced!

    Currently, the commonly used methods in the market are:

    1. Rolling method: This processing method generally does not use a mandrel, and is more suitable for making bends with thicker walls.

    2. Bending method: There are three common bending methods, one is the stretching method, the other is the stamping method, and the third is the rolling method. Generally, there are 3-4 rollers, and the bend pipe is processed by these tools, and then the finished pipe is made.

    3. Stamping method: Stamping method refers to the method of expanding the tube end to the required size and shape with a tapered core on a punching machine.

    4. Forging method: The forging method usually uses a forging press to punch out the end or part of the tube to reduce the outer diameter of the tube. At present, the commonly used forging presses are rotary type, connecting rod type and roller type.

    5. Bulging method: There are two bulging methods, one is to put the built-in rubber in the tube, and squeeze the upper part of the tube with a punch to make the tube expand and shape; the other method is to hydraulically bulge into the shape, in the middle of the tube Fill the liquid and use the liquid pressure to bend the tube into the desired shape. Most of the bellows production uses this method.

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