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How to prevent aging of the elbow?

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With the development of manufacturing technology, there are more and more types of elbows, such as stainless steel elbows, cast iron elbows, etc.

These types of elbows are suitable for different environments. Some elbows have high strength, some have high insulation performance, and some have the advantage of a longer service life. The material of the elbow determines the main factors for these characteristics. According to the material different, the performance of the elbow is also different.

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Some types of elbows have poor anti-aging and corrosion resistance, but by changing the external environment and other factors, the service life of the elbow can be prolonged and bring about anti-aging performance. So how to prevent the aging of the elbow?

During the laying process, the seasonal temperature difference is one of the important factors that affect the service life of the elbow. Therefore, it is important to overcome the axial deformation caused by the seasonal temperature difference and suppress thermal expansion for the elbow. Connect the hot-melt welded pipe, the metal pipe and the cement pressure pipes, please stick the elbow firmly.

As a result, changes in axial force caused by changes in material temperature can be avoided, affecting the sealing of joints, and the meandering laying of hot-melt electric fusion pipes within the planned allowable range can meet the needs of pipeline temperature changes. Blue pipes or black pipes can be used for extrusion out of the blue belt, the latter usually has good anti-aging properties.

It is also recommended to use casing for protection in public use. The pipeline should not be directly exposed to sunlight during transportation and storage. The storage time on site should be relatively short. Therefore, users must also wrap the piping with anticorrosion when using the elbow. Adhesive tape, etc., to avoid sunlight, so as to protect the service life of the piping.

What should I do if there is a crack in the elbow?

The length of the crack is usually perpendicular to the slag, reaches the austenite grain boundary, and is perpendicular to the stress direction. 

After bending, the intermediate frequency elbow will recrystallize. The premise is that the micro-crack changes into crystalline resistance through heat treatment. At high temperature, the intermediate frequency elbow cracks causes a change in the impact value of the container, but has no effect on its yield strength and tensile strength.

Therefore, the simple treatment method in the case of the crack is to heat the elbow, as the temperature rises, due to the strain of the elbow, the microcracks of the elbow gradually disappear.

Of course, it should be noted that the bending temperature must be lower than the temperature at which micro-cracks are formed. The bend should not be excessively bent during pre-bending, as long as it meets the standard. Of course, in addition to paying attention to the temperature in the processing of the bend, it also needs to be welded control the temperature at the time, otherwise excessively high temperature may cause micro-cracks in the elbow.

The above is some knowledge to prevent the aging of elbows. I hope these contents can help you, so that you can apply these techniques to some simple elbow construction.

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