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In June, export steel hit a new low in 8 years, and import steel hit a new high in 10 years.

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    Futures Daily News (Reporter Tan Yamin) According to data from the General Administration of Customs on July 14, 2020, China exported 3.701 million tons of steel products in June 2020, a decrease of 699,000 tons from the previous month, a year-on-year decrease of 30.3%; The export of steel products was 28.704 million tons, a year-on-year decrease of 16.5%.

    In June, my country imported 1.878 million tons of steel products, an increase of 598,000 tons from last month, an increase of 99.8% year-on-year; from January to June, my country imported 7.343 million tons of steel products, an increase of 26.1% year-on-year.

    Qiu Yuecheng, the director of black research at the Everbright Futures Institute, told reporters that the main reason for the low export of steel products is the slow recovery of the economy due to the epidemic overseas and the sharp decline in demand; the second is the rapid recovery of the domestic economy and the strong performance of steel prices, and Foreign price gaps have narrowed.

    The reporter found that in June 2020, steel exports hit an 8-year low and steel imports hit a 10-year high.

    Wu Jinchang, an overseas analyst at the Steel Division of Mysteel, said that due to the epidemic, the largest buyer of Chinese plate products, such as Europe, Japan and South Korea, had a shutdown rate of more than 70%. Although recent countries have chosen to resume work to ensure the economy, the demand is year-on-year Last year, there was still a sharp reduction. The severe imbalance between supply and demand caused the local domestic trade and export prices to plummet, and China’s price advantage was zero, leading to a large-scale reduction in exports. At present, the export volume in June roughly reflects the orders in April. According to the survey results of the overseas export market of the Mysteel Steel Division, the export orders in May and June are still weak, and they only picked up in July. It is expected that the export volume from July to August will remain Will be low.

    In terms of imports, the global overcapacity situation outside of China was severe in the early days, which led to Southeast Asia, India, the CIS, Japan, South Korea, and South America taking turns to become low-priced areas for global steel prices and selling low-cost resources to the world. According to Mysteel research, since April this year, the Chinese epidemic has been effectively controlled, but at the same time it broke out abroad. The increase in domestic demand has led to a recovery in domestic trade prices, and export prices have also gradually increased, but foreign demand has dropped significantly, resulting in the maximum price difference between domestic and foreign varieties reaching more than 50 US dollars / ton. "Under the imbalance of foreign supply and demand, almost all global sellers have set their sights on the only China whose demand has returned to normal. The signing of large quantities of low-cost resources in March-May led to the peak of steel imports in June. At the same time, imports from July to August are expected Due to the delayed delivery of the previous period and the signing of new orders, the import volume may continue to remain high, and there may even be a new high." Wu Jinchang said.

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