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Insulation time control during heat treatment of seamless steel pipe

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Seamless steel pipe occupies an important position in the social and economic development, and perhaps my friends are not very familiar with it, but it has been widely used in petroleum and chemical management and other aspects, which has created a very important place for people’s daily life,it's very convenient. 

Seamless steel pipes are also divided into many categories, and stainless steel pipes are widely used in my country.

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It is not easy to find in daily life. The garden fences and stair railings that people see are all made of stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel pipe has a small specification and model, which is convenient for everyone to install. It also has high-quality corrosion resistance, thereby reducing a lot of unnecessary expenses, especially when it is used as a garden fence, it is not easy to be corroded in a humid geographical environment. Stainless steel pipes also have strong plasticity, but this plasticity is immediately related to the hole diameter specification.

As a fulcrum, the diameter of the stainless steel pipe is generally smaller than the diameter of the guardrail. Therefore, friends in the transaction method, according to my must buy seamless steel pipes. 

Straighten the seamless steel pipe, stop the initial inspection and transfer the ash, and establish the cutting head and tail length. The purpose of fiber laser cutting of seamless steel pipe is to eliminate the cracks, scars, scars, tearing and uneven wall thickness of the end of the pipe to obtain the necessary lengths of seamless steel pipes such as inward folding, internal scarring, and serious uneven thickness.

Before the work, the cutting lines should be stopped, and then based on the breaking and holding time, it should be ensured that the hot seamless steel pipe can be controlled according to the complete ignition of the furnace steel. 

The seamless steel pipe controlled investment heat treatment method time solves the whole process, so that the average temperature should be carried out. Get an average of the organization and characteristics of some organizational changes. 

All the normal progress of raising the temperature can appropriately reduce the holding time. When the low temperature heat treatment stops (including loosening, stress field elimination and cold work hardening heat treatment), the annealing temperature is closer to the zero boundary point A1, a quick answer to seamless steel pipes, the elimination of cold work hardening effect is more detailed, and therefore, keep The time can be appropriately reduced.

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