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Introduction of flange welding process

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1. Required equipment

A set of manual electric welding equipment, a handle angle grinder, an electric hammer, and a plane ruler.

2. Preparation before welding

Check and debug the equipment to ensure the normal operation of the equipment;

It is best to dry the φ4.0J402 electrode at 300℃-350℃ for one hour.

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3. the welding process

Assembly Assemble the cone and the large flange according to the drawing requirements, and then divide the large flange into 8 equal parts.

Welding Because the flange is thicker and the groove is larger, segmented symmetrical, multi-layer welding is adopted.

4.the weld quality

The weld strength is required to reach at least the strength of the base metal. The surface of the weld is flat and smooth, and there are no defects such as burn-through, pores, weld leakage, slag inclusion, undercut, and insufficient weld. The remaining height is less than 2mm.

5. matters needing attention

 Always use J506 electrode for manual surfacing and low current welding. Weld in strict accordance with the welding process.

After welding a position, use a level to check the deformation of the flange plane.

 While welding, hammer the weld with an air hammer to eliminate stress.

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