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Process flow of galvanized square tube

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The use of square pipes has penetrated into all areas of our society, but steel products have a shortcoming that is oxidized and rusted, and corrosion protection is imminent. There are many anti-corrosion processes such as oiling, galvanizing, and spraying, each with its advantages and disadvantages. There are different options according to different purposes. Galvanizing has always been one of the most widely used anti-corrosion applications. Today, we will briefly introduce the process flow of galvanized square pipes.


Galvanized square pipes include cold galvanized square pipes, hot-dip galvanized square pipes, and hot-dip galvanized square pipes. Generally speaking, galvanized square pipes are hot-dip galvanized square pipes. Hot-dip galvanized square pipes are widely used and cost-effective. high.

Cold plating has once been brilliant because of its low price and low anti-corrosion requirements. Cold plating is suitable, but the anti-corrosion performance of what you pay for is really not very good, but it is cheap!

Hot-dip plating is divided into blow plating and hanging plating. Blow plating is to put the acid-washed square tube into the boiling zinc pool after a series of chemical reactions. The galvanized square tube is processed. The hot-dip galvanized square pipe has good anti-corrosion performance and moderate price, so it is widely used in the market, such as subways, university towns, automobile 4S shops and other construction and industrial machinery.


Hot-dip galvanizing is actually similar to the blow-plating process, but one less process than the blow-plating process, that is, the process of blowing off a part of the zinc is gone, and it is cooled directly from the zinc bath, so the zinc amount is very high, so the price is also High, but the anti-corrosion performance is also high, can be used for outdoor anti-corrosion, not afraid of wind and rain. So once again verify that what you pay for is what you pay for.

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