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Socket Weld Flange
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Socket Weld Flange

1.Could replace threaded flange
2.Minimize the risky of leakage
3.No need to beveling before welding
4.Application for internal welding operations
5.Ease of assembly in tight spaces
6.Easy maintenance in rigid lines
7.Eliminating the need for adapters in the tube, pipe or hose line

best Socket weld flange

The socket weld flange refers to the flange that is inserted into the flange ring step at the end of the pipe and welded at the end and outside of the pipe. Also, ball and socket exhaust flange are typically applied to smaller sizes of high pressure pipes. This allows for a smooth bore and better flow of the fluid or gas inside of the pipe.  The wide usage of socket weld flanges is for boiler and pressure vessel, petroleum, chemical, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, machinery, stamping elbow food and other industries.

Usually, there are two types of socket flange, necked and non-necked. The flange with neck has good rigidity, small welding deformation and good sealing performance. It can be used in the pressure of 1.0 ~ 10.0MPa. In a general, socket welding flange is commonly used in pipelines with PN≤10.0MPa and DN≤40

Sealing type of flange socket: RF, MFM, TG, RJ

Material of socket weld flange:

1, Carbon Steel:ASTM A10, 20#, Q235, 16Mn, ASTM A350, LF1, LF2,

CL1/CL2,LF3 CL1/CL2、ASTM A694 F42, F46,F48, F50, F52, F56, F60, F65, F70;

2, Stainess Steel:ASTM, A182, F304, 304L, F316, 316L, 1Cr18Ni9Ti, 0Cr18Ni9Ti,  

3, Alloy Steel: ASTM A182 F1、 F5a、 F9、 F11、 F12、 F22、 F91、A182F12、


Production standards of socket flange: 

ANSI B16.5




Connection method of socket flange: Flange nut and bolted

Processing of socket weld flange: GK carry out two main processes, overall forging and forging manufacturing by such processing, high-precision CNC lathe turning, precision turning of ordinary lathes, argon arc welding, etc.

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