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spiral steel pipe's maintenance

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Thick spiral steel pipe plays an important role in people's way of life and some things, but maintenance and maintenance has always been a headache. Let's see what maintenance and maintenance of thick walled straight seam steel pipe need to pay attention to!  

First, choose the right storage location and warehouse  

1.Spiral steel pipestorage places and warehouses should be clean and anhydrous, away from the production of harmless gas and dust workshops and mines.  Weeds and debris should be removed and steel pipes should be kept clean.  

2.small steel pipe, wire, steel wire can be stored in the ventilated superior material engineering quality shed, but must be placed substrate.  

3. Some small steel pipes, steel belts, silicon steel plates, steel plates, thin-walled steel pipes, cold rolled and cold-drawn steel pipes, and metal products with low cost and high corrosion resistance can be placed in the warehouse.  

4. Select the warehouse according to the appropriate geographical location.  

Two, appropriate stack, first in first out  

1, the stacking criterion is under the premise of stable and safe stacking, according to the type and specification of the stacking, different kinds of materials should be stacked separately, to avoid mixing and mutual corrosion.  

2. Corrosive materials are strictly prohibited to be stored near the joints of steel pipes.  

3, for the open-air stacked steel, should provide wooden pad or stone, stacked surface should be slightly tilted to facilitate drainage, the material should have a good flatness, to prevent bending and deformation.  

4. There should be a certain passageway between piles, the width of which is generally 0.5m, and the exit passageway is generally 1.5-2m, depending on the size of materials and transport machinery.  

Three, thick wall straight seam steel pipe transportation  

In the process of transportation, loading and unloading, the steel pipe should be carefully protected to extend the storage period of the steel pipe material.  

IV. Adhere to tidy warehouse and strengthen quality maintenance  

1, before entering the warehouse, attention should be paid to prevent rain wet or mixed with impurities, and according to its function using different methods to clean the rain wet steel pipe materials, such as high hardness steel wire brush, cloth, cotton, etc..  

2. Check the steel pipe at any time after storage.  If there is rust, clean the rust layer immediately.  

After the above introduction, I believe that we have a certain understanding of the maintenance of thick wall straight seam steel pipe, we must protect the thick wall straight seam steel pipe when we use it.  

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