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Spiral steel pipe stacking principle requirements

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    1. The principle requirement of spiral steel pipe stacking is to stack according to varieties and specifications under the premise of stable stacking and ensuring safety. Different types of materials should be stacked separately to prevent muddling and mutual erosion;

    2. It is forbidden to store items that are corrosive to steel around the spiral steel pipe stack;

    3. The bottom of the spiral steel pipe stack should be high, firm and flat to prevent the material from being damp or deformed;

    4. The same materials are stacked separately according to the order of storage;

    5. Spiral steel pipe sections stacked in the open must have wooden mats or slabs underneath, and the stacking surface should be slightly inclined to facilitate drainage, and pay attention to the flat and straight materials to prevent bending and deformation;

    6. The stacking height of spiral steel pipes should not exceed 1.2m for manual work, 1.5m for mechanical work, and 2.5m in stack width;

    7. There should be a certain passage between the stack and the stack, the inspection channel is generally 0.5m, and the access channel depends on the size of the material and the transportation machinery, generally 1.5~2.0m;

    8. Angle steel and channel steel should be stacked in the open air, that is, the mouth should be facing down, the I-beam should be placed upright, and the I-slot surface of the steel should not be facing upwards to avoid rusting due to accumulation of water;

    9. The bottom of the stack should be raised. If the warehouse is a sunny cement floor, the height of 0.1m should be enough; if it is a muddy floor, it should be raised by 0.2~0.5m. If it is an open field, the cement floor should be 0.3~0.5m high, and the sand-soil surface should be 0.5~0.7m high.

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