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Spiral steel tubes have some physical properties

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Spiral steel tubes have some physical properties

The total heat transfer coefficient of a metal depends on other factors besides the thermal conductivity of the metal. In most cases, the heat dissipation coefficient of the film, the rust skin and the surface condition of the metal.  Because stainless steel keeps the surface clean, it conducts heat better than other metals with higher thermal conductivity.  Liaocheng Sundeli stainless steel provides eight, spiral steel pipe technical standard spiral steel pipe corrosion resistance, bending machinability and welding toughness, as well as welding parts of the high strength spiral steel pipe and its manufacturing method.  Specifically, it will include C: less than 0.02%, N: less than 0.02%, Cr:  Si, Mn, P, S, Al, Ni,  And meet 12≤Cr Mo 1.5Si≤17, 1≤Ni 30(C N) 0.5(Mn Cu)≤4, Cr 0.5(Ni Cu) 3.3Mo≥16.0, 0.006≤C N≤0.030 spiral steel tube heating to 850 ~ 1250℃,  The heat treatment is then carried out at a cooling rate above 1℃/s.  In this way, it can become a high strength spiral steel pipe with martensite structure of 12% volume fraction, high strength, corrosion resistance and bending machinability above 730MPa, and good toughness in welding heat affected zone.  Using Mo, B, etc., can significantly improve the machining performance of welding parts.  

The oxygen and gas flame does not cut the spiral steel pipe because stainless steel is not easily oxidized.  spiral steel pipe stock- GKSTEELPIPE

5CM thick spiral steel pipe should be processed with special cutting tools, such as:  

(1) Laser Cutting machine with larger wattage  

(2) Oil pressure saw machine  

(3) the grinding disc  

(4) people hand saw  

(5) The Cutting machine is a kind of Wire Cutting machine.  

(6) high pressure water jet cutting (professional water cutter cutting: Shanghai Xinwei)  

(7) Plasma arc cutting  

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