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Square pip applicated in the construction industry

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Square pipes are widely used in foreign construction industry. They are used as roof trusses, purlins, trusses, rigid frames, wall frames, keels, roof panels, wall panels, floors, doors and windows, and even containers, pipes, cofferdams, steel sheet piles, Breakwaters, etc. In recent years, reticulated shells, shelves, single-storey and multi-storey houses composed of cold-formed steel have also developed rapidly, from airports to large shopping malls, from office buildings to stadiums, from conference centers to residential buildings, and cold-formed Large-diameter thick-walled square pipes are widely used building design materials. In developed countries, the construction industry is a large user of cold-formed rectangular steel pipes. The amount of cold-formed large-diameter thick-walled square pipes in the construction industry accounts for more than 50% of the total cold-formed profiles used in the construction industry. From the perspective of structural mechanics and economics, the combination of cold-formed large-diameter thick-walled square pipes, cold-formed steel and H-shaped steel in the construction industry is the best combination, which can realize the industrialization of industrial plants and residential buildings.hollow square metal tubing for sale- GKSTEELPIPE

In Japan, 80 years ago, Japan only produced square and rectangular steel pipes less than 200mm×200mm and a small amount of open cold-formed steel. Japanese steel structure houses used H-shaped steel for the pillars. After the Sendai earthquake in Japan in 1984, through research on the steel structure houses destroyed in the Sendai earthquake, it was found that the welds between the columns and the beams were easy to crack. The reason was that they were restricted by the characteristics of the shape and structure of the H-shaped steel. H-beam butt welding, there are too few welds. Therefore, after 1984, Japan passed the amendment to the construction law, stipulating that the pillars of Japanese steel structure residential buildings must use large-diameter thick-walled square pipes to increase the length of the welds and improve the seismic resistance of the residential buildings. With the popularization of cold-formed large-diameter thick-walled square pipes in construction steel structure applications, the production specifications of cold-formed large-diameter thick-walled square pipes have also increased. At present, the maximum specification of large-diameter thick-walled square pipes has reached 550mm×550mm. , The maximum wall thickness of the square tube is 25mm. In 2002, the total output of large-diameter cold-formed square pipes for steel structures in Japan reached 2 million tons. At present, the steel pipe specifications with the largest demand in the market are 200mm×200mm~400mm×400mm. Cold-formed large-diameter thick-walled square pipes of these specifications cover more than 80% of the total square and rectangular steel pipes used in steel structures in Japan. Products of other specifications It accounts for less than 10% of the market share.

In the United States, relevant survey data show that the consumption of cold-formed rectangular steel pipes and hot-rolled H-beams in the construction industry is about 1:1. In the 1990s, the proportion of cold-formed steel used in construction steel structures It even exceeds the amount of hot-rolled H-beam. Among them, cold-formed structural welded pipes (including square and rectangular pipes and original pipes) account for about 25% of the steel used in building steel structures, and various open cold-formed steels account for more than 20% of the steel used in building steel structures.

Square Rectangular Pipe Factory specializes in the production and operation of large-diameter thick-walled square pipes and various square pipes. The stock specifications of the steel pipes are as follows:

Square tube: 10*10-100*100*0.5-10mm 120*120-200*200*4-12mm 220*220-600*600*5-25mm

Rectangular tube: 10*15-150*50*0.5-12mm 160*80-250*150*4-14mm 280*150-600*550*5-25mm 350*250*8-30mm-800*600*35mm

1. The upper tube can be made into straight-seam square and seamless square tubes, and special specifications can be customized.

2. Implementation of steel pipe standards: GB/T6728-2002, ASTM, JIS or technical agreement.

3. Square tube material: Q195-235B, Q345(B,C), 20#

The main application areas are: machinery manufacturing, construction industry, metallurgical industry, agricultural vehicles, agricultural greenhouses, automobile industry, railways, highway guardrails, container frameworks, furniture, decoration, and steel structure buildings.

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