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Square pipe of the role and performance

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The role and performance of seamless rectangular square tube. In this situation. International steel mills actively participate in major mines around the world, as long as they establish a credible iron ore trading market and price standards. As well as the ineffective implementation of substantive tasks such as improving the integration of the Q235 seamless rectangular tube business, the ability to improve temporary mine prices is subject to the abnormal situation of low interest rates for international coking companies. In previous years, despite the fact that India is shrinking iron ore imports and Australia’s reaction capacity is shrinking, the iron ore imports of these two countries will indeed shrink, but we should note that Brazil’s saltwater valleys have expanded significantly in recent years. Iron ore production capacity can be doubled within 5 years. At present, 57% of the iron ore of the mine is sold to the Asia-Pacific region, and 40% of the iron ore is sold to the coast of China. It is estimated that the international ownership rate of the mine’s ore will continue to decline in the future. Q235 seamless tube enterprises have also entered a stagnant stage of difficulties.square tube pipe suppliers- GKSTEELPIPE

Q235 seamless rectangular tube functional elements include:

 5 silicon; can improve the angle of steel. The Q235 seamless rectangular tube of the Q345B seamless square tube used by electricians contains a certain amount of silicon, but its plasticity and toughness drop. Can improve the soft magnetic function. 4 manganese; can improve the strength of Q235 seamless moment tube. And can improve the hardenability of steel, can weaken and eliminate the adverse reactions of sulfur. The high-Q235 seamless moment tube with high manganese content has excellent wear resistance and other physical functions.

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