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Stainless steel flange factory carry out cooling

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Because stainless steel flange at high temperature, can form a firm adsorption film, lubrication and cooling is very good, so it is widely used in production.  Vulcanized oil is prepared by adding animal and vegetable oil and vulcanized whale oil or vulcanized cottonseed oil in mineral oil. Its sulfur content is 10%~15%, and it is often used in drawing hole and gear processing.  In addition, stainless steel flanges can also improve tool durability and reduce surface roughness for turning, milling, drilling, and threading of stainless steel.  The high speed tapping oil used in production is a high performance extreme pressure cutting oil with good lubrication, cooling and rust prevention.  It reduces the friction coefficient, reduces the cutting force and cutting temperature, and reduces adhesion. As a result, at higher speeds (w= 30m/ mIRN), the tap durability is increased by an average of 4 times and the surface roughness reaches Ra2.5um.  

Stainless steel flange-GKSTEELPIPESolid lubricant molybdenum disulfide, stearic acid and paraffin wax made of wax rod, coated on the surface of the cutter, cutting can reduce friction, play a lubrication role, can be used for tapping and other processing.  In addition, there is a new type of stainless steel flange, which is composed of bitumen 26%~32%, sulfur 10%~14%, urea-formaldehyde 6%~8%, stearic acid 26%~32% and mineral oil.  In the grinding process, it can increase the durability of the grinding tool by 50%, reduce the grinding power by 30%, reduce the temperature of the cutting zone by 60~200℃, and reduce the surface roughness value.  

There is also a new type of cutting fluid, which is composed of bitumen 40%~55%, orthophosphoric acid 6%~8%, urea 17%~21% and the rest of the mineral oil.  This cutting fluid is mainly used in the grinding of hard-to-work materials, such as stainless steel, which are prone to react to the grinding wheel.  It can reduce radial wear of grinding wheel by 66.7%~83.3% and increase productivity by 2~5 times.  

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