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Stainless steel flange objects and scope

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He clearly studied the object and scope of stainless steel flanges, but Barber did not figure out how they are different in the object and scope of stainless steel flanges. Although he tried to grasp the human scientific system as much as possible, he still did not escape the shackles of the British and American positivism tradition. The science of science he founded was actually based on natural science. For example, the rational concepts by which he distinguishes the humanities from the social sciences are empirical or positivistic, and he is consciously aware of this. He said: Our so-called rational thinking' simply refers to any thinking that is compatible with Aristotelian logic or, in some cases, modern non-Aristotelian logic principles; our definition does not include certain Types of thinking are sometimes labeled as rationale. We only include those thinking that obey the rules of logic, and not those that are consistent with other kinds of norms and connection principles. In this way, we exclude the kind of thinking that is marked as reasonable because of following a given moral code or a given aesthetic code. flange stainless suppliers - GKSTEELPIPE

He also said: In our own society, the power of logical principles and scientific principles may be very eye-catching, so that we continue to try to develop the two into those other fields where connection norms are popular. Perhaps this is because science has impressed us so deeply that we sometimes talk about ‘reasonable art’ and scientific ethics. ①In this way, he used this objective, empirical, and universal concept of rationality to drive stainless steel flanges into the field of non-rationality. Therefore, it is believed that the knowledge provided by the social sciences is systematic and real, while the humanities can only provide a little bit of insight. Moreover, he disregarded the field of humanities, that is, ethics and aesthetics, and approved the practice of making humanities like art and ethics natural sciences. It can also be seen from this that the exploration of the philosophical basis of the humanities still needs to change the concepts of natural science and the series of philosophical concepts based on traditional natural sciences, such as rationality and objectivity. The distinction between humanities and social sciences in the English Encyclopedia is relatively clear.

The humanities entry says: The humanities is the sum of disciplines that are neither natural sciences nor social sciences. Ordinary people think that the humanities constitute a kind of knowledge, that is, the subject of humanism about human values and spiritual manifestations. From the American Association’s bill on the establishment of a sponsorship fund for the humanities, we can see the broad field of this term: the humanities includes the following research categories: modern and classical languages, linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, archaeology and law. , Art history, art criticism, art theory, art practice, and other social sciences with humanistic content and the use of humanistic methods. 

However, the entry did not determine the classification standard of the humanities and explain the method and characteristics of its determination. The entry says: The classification criteria of the humanities are often difficult to determine certain humanities problems, which can be studied by non-humanist methods, such as the mathematical study of language, but not the humanities problems, but the humanistic methods can be used to study, for example Historical and philosophical issues in science. 

Therefore, there have been a variety of different views on the recruitment of the humanities; in the century, there are four generations of views on the humanities, and the humanities are regarded as: certain general skills and methods that constitute stainless steel flanges suitable for any subject; use and Emphasize certain language functions beyond other functions; build on a special spiritual foundation; build on the basis of universal experience suitable for anyone. Obviously, these four principles can constitute a separate field of knowledge that is different from the social sciences and the natural sciences, but there are differences in the nature of the humanities and the relationship between the humanities and other sciences.

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