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Stainless steel flanges:different concepts of using it

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It can be seen that the fundamental shortcomings of these humanities views of stainless steel flanges are that the humanities or the humanities are not distinguished from the natural sciences and social sciences from the perspective of the research objects and fields. Explain the language function of experience and humanities. Humanities and sciences are often distinguished only in specific logical forms, including social sciences. It is believed that the difference between science and humanities lies in the direction of analysis and interpretation; science has moved from diversity and speciality to uniformity, coherence, simplicity and consistency; on the contrary, humanities They are prominent, unexpected, complicated and creative; they have fundamental differences in the way of exploring and interpreting the world. They belong to different thinking abilities, use different concepts of stainless steel flanges, and use different language forms to reach. Science is the product of reason. It uses concepts such as facts, laws, and causes, and communicates information through objective language. Socket weld flange suppliers- GKSTEELPIPE(1)

The humanities is the product of imagination. It uses concepts such as phenomenon and reality, destiny, and will to reach the language of sense and purpose. So they cannot be compared with each other. ①These differences may be important, but at best they are the result of the difference between the humanities and sciences, including social sciences, rather than the reasons for the differences between the two. The four views on the relationship between the humanities and the social sciences are mainly based on To describe the extension and scope of the concept of humanities from a historical perspective, social science is regarded as a concept of humanities. 

My Ci Hai is defined in this way: Liberal arts originated from Latin, meaning human and education. This term was used in Europe and the century. Originally refers to the knowledge related to the interests of mankind, which is different from the theology that dominated the education in the Middle Ages. The meaning has evolved several times. In a narrow sense, it refers to the study of Latin, Greek, and classical literature. In a broad sense, it refers to the study of social phenomena and art, including philosophy, economics, science, history, law, literature and art, ethics, linguistics, etc. "

Although this view is a more prestigious view, it does not have prestigious guiding significance for specific discipline practice. Although it pays attention to the historical meaning of the concept of humanities, although it sees the inclusiveness or relationship between the humanities and the social sciences, it does not explore in depth. When the natural sciences and social sciences are separated from the mother of the humanities, the humanities itself What kind of individuality and points are still maintained, without exploring the possibility and significance of the development of the humanities itself, so it is impossible to see the coexistence and situation of the social sciences and the humanities in the modern discipline and knowledge system. Because they are stubborn on the historical meaning of the humanities, even if people recognize the existence of the humanities today, they just treat them as service disciplines. 

Often only pay attention to the language, form, technique, and logic of the humanities, and fail to establish the status of the humanities in the distinction and connection with the natural sciences and social sciences. Society science and modern human thinking, knowledge and the overall development of human social history are closely related. The technological production methods of society, the spirit and thinking mode that determine historical times and literary forms, etc. have profoundly affected the pattern of knowledge and disciplines. And its development direction. Generally speaking, human knowledge has gone through a process of continuous division from contemplation to practice, from rethinking to emphasizing experience, from all-encompassing philosophy to knowledge and discipline. In ancient societies, especially ancient Greece, which was the birthplace of the stainless steel flange system, people regarded the contemplation or speculative reasoning of nature as a high-form truth.

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