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Stainless steel tubing 90 degree elbow

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Special-shaped elbows are made by placing ordinary stainless steel decorative plates into grinding equipment to stop grinding. Grinding refers to a direct and useful processing method that uses mechanical, chemical, electrochemical and other principles to process metal surfaces to obtain a smooth and smooth surface. However, in terms of equipment and technology, the processed stainless steel surface is also graded. This grade refers to the roughness of the stainless steel surface, which varies according to the grade.China stainless tube elbows- GKSTEELPIPE

 The upper and lower surface roughness of stainless steel is the watershed between ordinary stainless steel decorative panels and special-shaped elbows. If the surface roughness of stainless steel reaches level 10 or higher, it can be called a mirror panel. As can be seen from the above figure, the higher the grade of stainless steel, the better the surface effect of stainless steel, and the brighter, smoother and smoother the surface. Differentiating stainless steel grades makes it easier to understand the corresponding uses of different functions.

  I think that the unit of surface roughness of stainless steel is very small, it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, and it can only be judged with a special roughness meter. Nowadays, most of the roughness meters on the market are the previous ones. Due to the few measurement parameters and lack of measurement accuracy, the measurement results are not correct, so there is a big gap in the accuracy of special-shaped elbows. 

Therefore, be more careful when purchasing related products.  When stainless steel leaves the factory, it is in the most primitive condition. There is almost no processing. The roughness varies with the manufacturer's consumption. The surface effect is post-processing. Of course, in addition to grinding, there are many surface finishes that do not require high surface roughness. For example, embossing, drawing, frosting, etc., the detailed request depends on the customer's practical request.

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