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Storage method of large diameter straight seam steel pipe(2)

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(7) There should be a certain passage between the stack and the stack, and the inspection channel is generally 0. 5m, the access channel depends on the size of the material and the transportation machinery, generally 1.5~2. Om

(8) Raise the bottom of the stack, if the warehouse is a sunny cement floor, raise O. 1m is enough; if it is muddy, it must be raised by O. 2~0.5m. If it is an open field, the cement floor should be raised, and the sand and mud surface should be raised 0.5~O. 7m

9) The angle steel and channel steel stacked in the open should be laid down, that is, the mouth should be down, the I-beam should be placed upright, and the I-slot surface of the steel pipe should not face up to avoid rusting due to accumulation of water

3. Protect the packaging and protective layer of the material. The preservative or other coating and packaging applied by the steel factory before leaving the factory are important measures to prevent the material from rusting. It must be protected during transportation and handling. It cannot be damaged and can extend the storage period of the material.

4. Keep the warehouse clean and strengthen material maintenance

(1) Before entering the warehouse, the materials should be prevented from being rained or mixed with impurities. The materials that have been rained or contaminated should be cleaned by different methods according to their properties, such as a wire brush with high hardness and a cloth with low hardness. , Cotton, etc.

(2) The materials should be checked frequently after they are put into storage. If there is rust, the rust layer should be removed

(3) After the surface of general steel pipe is cleaned, it is not necessary to apply oil, but for high-quality steel, alloy thin steel plate, thin-walled pipe, alloy steel pipe, etc., the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe must be coated with anti-rust oil before storing

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