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The application of stainless steel seamless steel tube in life

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Seamless steel pipe occupies an important position in the national economy. Maybe friends don’t understand it very well, but it has been widely used in petroleum and chemical industries, bringing great convenience to people’s lives. Seamless steel pipes are also divided into many categories, among which stainless steel pipes are commonly used in ideal life.

In life, it is not difficult to find that the garden fences and stair handrails that people see are all stainless steel pipes. The stainless steel tube has a fine size, which is convenient for people to install. It also has good corrosion resistance, thus reducing many unnecessary expenses, especially when it is used as a garden fence, it will not be corroded in a humid environment. Stainless steel pipes also have strong toughness, but this toughness is directly related to the size of the small hole diameter.

When used as a support, the diameter of the small hole of the stainless steel pipe is often smaller than that of the small hole used as a guardrail. Therefore, in the process of purchasing, friends need to purchase seamless steel pipes according to their needs. After the seamless steel pipe is straightened, the first inspection of soot blowing should be stopped to confirm the length of the cutting head and tail. The purpose of the seamless steel pipe cutting is to eliminate the ends with cracks, knots, scars, tears and uneven wall thickness to obtain the requested fixed-length seamless steel pipe. In addition, it removes the unqualified and difficult-to-recover defects after inspection, such as internal Folding, internal scarring, severe uneven wall thickness, etc.

Normally the former cuts off on the work line, and then cuts off the control of the holding time during the heat treatment of the seamless steel pipe. The heat holding time of the seamless steel pipe during the heat treatment should ensure that the steel pipe in the furnace can be completely burnt, so that the temperature is even, and the application is completed. Some organization changes to achieve average organization and performance. Generally increasing the heating temperature can appropriately shorten the holding time. When the low temperature annealing (including softening, stress relief and recrystallization annealing) is stopped, the closer the annealing temperature is to the lower critical point A1, the faster the recovery of the seamless steel pipe and the more complete the effect of eliminating work hardening. Therefore, the holding time can also be appropriate shorten.

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