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The biggest use of seamless steel pipe

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The use of seamless steel pipes lies in the transportation of pipelines, and some solid and gas transportation will also be used in seamless steel pipes. Under our feet, there are seamless steel pipes of different sizes. It is this connection of sections that makes our lives so convenient, and that we can use water in time without any supply. The phenomenon of not seeking.

Regarding transportation, this is only a corner of the usefulness of seamless steel pipes. It is necessary to know that seamless steel pipes have different sizes and specifications, and they must be used in different places and places, so the scope of application is natural. It's big. The use of seamless steel pipes in construction is naturally indispensable. In addition to being used as some steel frames, seamless steel pipes also play a supporting role. Such a role is very common in today's buildings.

Of course, mechanical parts are also indispensable. The use of seamless steel pipes is indispensable for the chassis of some cars. The oil drill pipe even fixed the position of the seamless steel pipe, because as long as the performance of the seamless steel pipe can meet this condition. However, these applications are only the tip of the iceberg. Seamless steel pipes play a great role in transporting oil and natural gas. What problems will seamless steel pipes encounter in the process of consumption?

Roundness: For rolled materials with circular cross-sections, such as the cross section of round steel and round steel pipes, the diameters in all directions are not equal; the size is out of tolerance: due to unreasonable mold design or incorrect manufacturing, improper extrusion process , Misalignment of the mold and the extrusion cylinder, unreasonable smoothness, etc., resulting in excessive differences in the flow rate of each point in the metal movement, resulting in internal stress and deformation of the profile, or excessive traction or excessive stretching and straightening, resulting in the size of the profile. ; Curvature: the rolled piece is not straight in the length or width direction, but is curved horizontally.

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