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The development of welded steel pipe

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Summary of welded steel pipes on January 6: raw materials continue to support welded steel pipe prices stabilize and consolidate.

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On January 6, domestic welded steel pipe prices rarely adjusted. According to the monitoring data of Lange Steel Cloud Business Platform: The average price of 4-inch (3.75mm) welded pipes in key domestic cities is 4740 yuan, an increase of 2 yuan from the previous trading day; the average price of 4-inch (3.75mm) galvanized pipes in key domestic cities. 

The price is 5,412 yuan, down 3 yuan from the previous trading day; the average price of 219*6 spiral tubes in key domestic cities is 4,822 yuan, the same as the previous trading day; the average price of 50*50*2.5 square tubes in key domestic cities is 4875 yuan. It was up 18 yuan from the previous trading day.

In terms of raw materials, today, the list price of raw billet ex-factory is reported to be 3780 yuan, and the warehousing spot price is reported to be 3900-3920 yuan including tax; the raw material Tangshan 145mm small narrowband part is increased by 20 yuan to 4070 including tax. Some of them are cleared out of Nissan; the ex-factory price of narrow-band 355mm series Tangshan Ruifeng strip steel is reported at 4220 yuan, and the mainstream spot in Tangshan area is 4170-4220 yuan including tax.

Pipe factory: Today, the price policy of welded pipe and galvanized pipe factory continues to be flat, and some rectangular pipes will be raised by 20 yuan. Luan County is under control. Under the cold current, the demand is not tepid, and the average daily shipment continues to be low at about 2000 tons. 

The manufacturer's operating mood is not strong, the actual transaction price of the main catheter factory is 4350-4400 yuan for 4 inch (3.75mm) welded pipe, and 4700-4850 yuan for galvanized pipe.

On the market side, the current market prices for 4-inch (3.75mm) welded pipes are 4500-5000 yuan, and galvanized pipes are 5000-5500 yuan. The prices continue to follow the leader, and I have never seen more goods. 

Shijiazhuang and Xingtai’s closed city inspections affected trading. At the same time, due to the early suspension of logistics and transportation a year ago, the purchase of steel plants supported the strong raw material end. The price of welded-plated pipe is expected to consolidate on the sidelines.

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