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The difference between seamless steel pipe and seam steel pipe

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What is the difference between seamless steel pipes and seamed steel pipes?

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1. With seamed pipes, general companies can increase the maximum applicable pressure to within 20 kg, which is the most secure application management method category. It is generally used to pass water, liquefied gas, and reduce its gas and other bottom pressure liquids;

2. The seamless steel pipe can bear high pressure, naturally its thickness will increase, which must be designed and manufactured according to the working pressure regulations. Generally used for hydraulic oil pipes, boiler pipes and other ultra-high pressure equipment applications. There are also seamless steel pipes for engineering construction, and the actual situation depends on the design plan.

3. At this stage, there are some seamless steel pipes, annealing treatment is carried out on the welding to remove the welding internal stress, so that the welding is the same as the butt weld, and most of the pressure range is the same as the seamless steel pipe. You can also think about the application.

4. Naturally, there are applications of seamless steel pipes in the sales market. Some three-way joints are based on small gauge core redrawing or cold rolling after heating all heads, and only a part of the seamless splicing like the outer shape of the upper pipe.

According to the different development trends of the production and manufacturing management plan, the production process and manufacturing research ideas can be divided into hot-rolled pipes, cold-rolled pipes, cold-drawn pipes, and extruded pipes. Hot-rolled seamless pipes are generally produced in fully automatic pipe rolling mills. 

The solid-core finish-rolled tube has been inspected and eliminated the defects in the surface layer of the somatic cells. The length of time required for cutting is to be assured on the surface of the broken hole of the finished-rolled tube, and then it can be sent to the heat treatment furnace for heating, and the hole is broken on the piercing machine. 

In addition to the hole-breaking problem, according to the continuous lifting rotation and advancement, under the effect of the hot-rolled steel strip and the top edge, the internal control of the finished rolling tube slowly begins to produce an inner cavity, which is called a capillary tube. Then it is sent to the system software for the automatic tube rolling mill for cold rolling again. 

In the end, the entire equipment is evenly wall-thick and sizing by a sizing machine to meet certain specifications and model design requirements.

It is a better way to apply continuous production of hot-rolled seamless steel pipe extruder. If you want to get smaller and better quality seamless steel pipes, you must choose cold-rolled, cold-drawn or a combination of the two. Cold rolling is generally carried out in double-roll grinding equipment, which will cause the circular groove of the steel and the annular hole of the conical plug that is fixed and turned over. The excellent heating tube extrusion method is about to be placed in a closed cylindrical stamping die, the broken hole is lightly pressed and the rod, and the rod is extruded from the smaller grinding tool hole by lightly pressing the component to move the rod. This type of method can produce small diameter seamless steel pipes.

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