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The difference between steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe and ordinary steel pipe

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In our lives, no matter where we are, we can see steel-insulated steel pipes. However, everyone’s understanding of steel pipes is really narrow, and there is only one kind of steel pipe.

In fact, there are two types of steel pipes used in our lives, namely, steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipes and ordinary seamed steel pipes. The two types of steel pipes are completely different in terms of production and use, but they are less. No one can do it.

Nowadays, most of the steel pipes used in our lives are steel-insulated steel pipes. In fact, the steel-insulated steel pipe is a kind of hollow section, and there are no welds and other links in the pipe, and the steel-steel insulation The production process of the steel pipe is also very troublesome. First, the solid pipe must be perforated to make the predecessor capillary of the steel sleeve steel insulation steel pipe, and then the steel pipes of different purposes will be cold drawn or hot rolled to make the steel sleeve. Steel insulation pipe.

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Compared with ordinary round steel pipes, such steel-insulated steel pipes have strong compressive resistance, and the weight of steel pipes is also very light. Such steel-steel insulated steel pipes are also used in daily life. In various fields, such as construction, transportation, parts and so on.

A kind of steel pipe that is also used in daily life is the seam steel pipe. This kind of steel pipe is welded after twisting flat steel, so there will be welds on the outside of this type of steel pipe.

The field of use of seamed steel pipes is relatively narrow. Generally, they are used in the transportation of water and gas, and the use time is far from that of steel-jacketed steel insulation steel pipes. Moreover, many seam steel pipes will have problems when they are installed. Man-made fractures and damages need to be improved in terms of quality.

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