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The national standard elbow's market prospect

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They have long been used to seeing the tepid market in the elbow industry this year. So we started to clear our inventory very early and withdraw funds. In order to maintain normal operation, only some commonly used specifications are stored. More time to choose the form of factory direct sales. The operation of the national standard elbow merchants is mostly cautious. The main contract on the trading date shook up after the opening of the main contract. The momentum continued to be outstanding. The iron ore spot rose slightly, and the billet pulled up.

The spot market also has outstanding performance. The three types of resources are in short supply. First of all, they are firmer and stronger, and the upside-down situation of the snails in the early stage will certainly be alleviated. On the whole, the market is determined to be driven by futures and raw materials, and it is acceptable to volunteer for the price in the short term. In addition, the market demand is flat, so the prices of pipe fittings and galvanized elbow pipes have not changed. In terms of inventory, it is still at a low level. Regarding the market outlook, the national standard elbow businesses all expressed their disapproval.spiral welded steel pipe price-GKsteelpipe

The pipe market is now in the cold season to maintain stability, and the national standard elbow businesses are mostly cautious, and most of them are looking forward to unwilling to adjust prices at will. Regarding the future trend, it is expected that in a short period of time, Hefei regional welded pipe and national standard elbow shopping malls will be mainly weak and stable. The different transaction prices in shopping malls are mainly due to the resource cost of traders, and individual traders are eager to get the money back from the circulation due to the cold season of consumption in the shopping malls. At present, the downstream purchase volume is gradually reduced, and the stocks of the national standard elbow traders are also increasing shipments, and the arrival of new goods is very small.

National standard elbow shopping malls have been operating under steady and dark decline, and the price of shopping malls has also been weakened. Early rebar futures opened sharply lower, and the loosening of the prices of raw materials such as billet and iron ore also made the price policy of steel mills in mid-August mainly focused on steady and moderate downward adjustments, and the support of resource costs weakened. In addition, under the condition of poor transactions in shopping malls yesterday, merchants became more worried, and the operation of national standard elbow prices in shopping malls was also increasing.

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