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Thick Wall Welded Steel Pipe
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Thick Wall Welded Steel Pipe

1.Uniform wall thickness
2.High roundness accuracy
3.Three-layer welding to ensure excellent weld performance
4.Good insulation performance
5.Strong waterproof ability
6.High impact resistance under low temperature conditions to be directly buried in frozen ground
7.30-50 years service life

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Thick wall electric resistance welded steel pipe which has a low enough Y/T so that no buckling occurs because of reeling and unreeling. And, heavy wall welded steel pipe is excellent in low temperature toughness, the thick wall electric resistance welded steel pipe characterized by having a wall thickness/outside diameter ratio of 4.0 to 7.0%, such as welding 2inch pipe, welding sch 10 stainless steel pipe, welding schedule 10 stainless pipe, over 10mm welded steel pipe

Usage: Low-pressure fluid pipes in the boiler casing pipe oil and gas industry chemical industry power industry. Urban water supply and drainage construction and other low-pressure boiler pipe. Pipeline Transport, Boiler Pipe, Hydraulic/Automobile Pipe, Oil/Gas Drilling, Machinery Industry, Chemical Industry, Mining, Construction & Decoration, Special Purpose。

File Contain

1. Composition and Mechanical properties of commonly used carbon steel alloy steel.

2. Seemless steel pipe, welded pipe, etc.

3. A series international universal series, domestic series.

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