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Threaded Flange
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Threaded Flange

1.Convenient installation and maintenance
2.Also known as screwed flange
3.Used in some pipelines where welding is not allowed on site
4.Mostly used in utility services such as air and water
5.Ease of assembly in tight spaces
6.Easy maintenance in rigid lines
7.Eliminating the need for adapters in the tube, pipe or hose line

China Threaded Flange - GK

Threaded flange refers to a type of flange that is connected to the pipe by threads. When designing, it can be handled as loose flange. The advantage of stainless steel threaded pipe flange is that no welding is needed, and the additional torque to the cylinder or pipeline when the stainless steel threaded flange is deformed is very small. The disadvantage of threaded blind flange is large thickness and high cost. Threaded flange is suitable for connection of high-pressure pipelines. 

Threaded flange is a non-welded flange, which processes the inner hole of the flange into pipe threads and connects with threads to achieve connection. Compared with flat welding flanges or butt welding flanges, threaded flanges have the characteristics of convenient installation and maintenance. And threaded flange can be used on some pipelines where welding is not allowed. Alloy steel flanges have sufficient strength, but not easy to weld and poor welding performance. However, under conditions where the temperature of the pipeline changes rapidly or the temperature is higher than 260 ° C and lower than -45 ° C, it is not recommended to use threaded flanges to avoid leakage.

Usually, threaded flanges are classified as follows:

1, Plain Threaded Flanges

2, Female Threaded Flanges

3, Male Threaded Flanges

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