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Weld neck flange of the improvement

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Weld neck flange is a kind of flange produced after forging blank. After forging blank, this kind of flange has high strength. The comprehensive degree can even be as good as that of special steel.  In the production of flat-welded flanges, it is necessary to remove the iron on the surface of the weld neck flange.cheap long weld neck flange- GKSTEELPIPE(1)

Weld neck flange surface iron removal on any surface, free iron will rust and corrosion of stainless special steel.  Thus,.  Floating powder can be generally dropped with dust.  Some are highly adhesive and are treated as embedded iron.  In addition to the dust, the source of the surface of iron, which include using special carbon steel special steel wire brush and special use once in carbon steel, low alloy special steel or flange on used sand, glass beads or other abrasive shot peening treatment, or in special stainless steel parts and equipment adjacent to the aforementioned non special stainless steel products for grinding.  

To improve the connotation and external quality of flanges (such as scale precision and surface roughness), reduce the processing allowance, and further promote the use of high mechanization, automation and high density wet sand molding technology such as air punch, high pressure and injection gentle welding molding, is the main development direction of small and medium-sized flanges production in the future.  It is the key point to improve the quality of bentonite by using nano technology to modify bentonite or by adding auxiliary binder to bentonite.  

1. Improve and advance the function of straight-parting box-less injection lathe and air hammer molding machine, as well as the function of control system. The auxiliary machine of molding line should be developed according to the standards of generalization and serialization, and the supporting level should be advanced.  

2. Focus on developing personalized and practical high quality flanges suitable for the disordered appearance shape or the mass production of many varieties.  

3. The quality, technical content and technical level of the flange blank sand treatment equipment should be matched with the talent, and strive to advance the planning level of the sand treatment system.  

4. Develop a complete set of resin self-hardening sand equipment with diversified, good use effect and long life, and increase the traveling function of varieties.  

5. Paying special attention to the development of cold-core box core shooter series products and core sand mixing and sand feeding equipment.  

6. Set up a test base of shot blasting equipment, conduct systematic research and development on the shot blasting device, shot sand separation and noise reduction equipment, and develop a shot blasting finishing machine with high technical function and technical content.  

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