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Weld Neck Flange
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Weld Neck Flange

1.Preferred for use in high-stress applications
2.Easy to align to the pipe network
3.Very accessible when checking the integrity of the weld
4.Ease of assembly in tight spaces
5.Easy maintenance in rigid lines
6.Eliminating the need for adapters in the tube, pipe or hose line

Weld Neck Flange manufacturer - GK

Welded neck flange is a kind of pipe fitting, which refers to the flange with neck and round pipe transition with butt-welded connection with the pipe. Flat face weld neck flange is not easy to deform, good seals, so it is widely used in many fields.

Stainless steel weld neck flange has corresponding rigidity and elasticity requirements. The distance between the weld and the joint surface is large, so the joint surface is protected from deformation at the welding temperature.  

Raise face weld neck flanges (Weld neck flanges) are always the best choice to be used in applications where the conditions are severe and critical or high pressure, wide fluctuations in temperature and pressure, high temperature, fluids that are volatile and hazardous, and temperatures in the sub-zero range. Including the common size of weld neck flange, GK also supply unique types, such 3 weld neck flange, 4 weld flange, 6 weld neck flange, etc.

Weld neck flange parameters

(1) Diameter of bolt hole center circle: 50mm-2130mm

(2) Bolt hole diameter: 11mm-30mm

(3) Flange thickness: 12mm-58mm

(4) Pipe outer diameter: A (17. 2-2032MM) B (14-2020MM)

(5) Flange inner diameter: A (18-2036MM) B (15-2024MM)

(6) Theoretical weight of flange: 0.36kg--234.6kg (DN1800)

Long weld neck flange production standards:

Ministry of Chemical Industry Standard HG / T20592-2009,

HG / T20615-2009,

National standards GB / T9115.1-2000, GB / T9115.2-2000, GB / T9115.3-2000, GB / T9115.4-2000,

Machinery Standard JB / T86.2-94,

Marine Standard CB / T47-1999

Weld neck blind flange materials

WCB (carbon steel), LCB (low temperature carbon steel), LC3 (3.5% nickel steel), WC5 

(1.25% chromium 0.5% molybdenum steel), WC9 (2.25% chromium), C5 (5% chromium% molybdenum), C12 ( 9% chromium 1% molybdenum), CA6NM (4 (12% chromium steel), CA15 (4) (12% chromium), CF8M (316 stainless steel), CF8C (347 stainless steel), CF8 (304 stainless steel), CF3 (304L stainless steel ), CF3M (316L stainless steel), CN7M (alloy steel), M35-1 (Monel), N7M (Harst nickel alloy B), CW6M (Hasta nickel alloy C), CY40

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